Terms and Conditions of Order

Dear Blendtec Patron,

Thank you for being here and giving us your trust in procurement of the favourite brand of people who dig innovation, design, technology and great health. We look forward to a long life ownership of your Blendtec blender. Towards this commercial transaction, please find below the terms of order from AgniSwan INV Pvt Ltd, CIN No. U55201DL2008PTC180998, GSTIN 07AADCB5119M1ZL Inc. New Delhi, hereby known as seller.


This is a commercial transaction between the buyer and seller. The buyer must not consider an involvement of Blendtec and its affiliates as part of this order. Blendtec is a manufacturer of the blenders sold by the seller exclusively and has no participation in the transaction process between buyer and seller.

EMI Orders

EMI Orders received are processed on confirmation from payment company and receipt of funds in the bank A/c of AgniSwan INV Pvt Ltd only.

Addressing the Buyer

  • Residential: Someone that is ordering for a non commercial purpose by use and will not provide a sales tax code. A buyer even if it is a company, that will not provide sales tax code will be treated as a home supply. The billing will be logged as private buyer.
  • Commercial: Buyer that orders with their own company’s GST number and will use it for commercial purpose will be addressed as commercial buyer. The billing will be understood and logged as a company.

Logistics Definition

  • Origin: Is the point of manufacture which would be as per the latest information from Blendtec.
  • Source: Will be the point of shipment of the exact unit from where invoicing is billed by seller to the buyer.
  • Destination: Is the point of delivery or purchasing address.

Warranty, Cancellation and Refund

All products of Blendtec are carry a warranty honored by the seller as per manufacturer policy of timelines for various regions. The USA policy will be different than International. You may find timelines referred or documents that refer to a warranty period for USA. Please check the warranty as issued in this website for India, and the Invoice. This is the warranty that will hold good. The seller may provide addition of comprehensive warranty on blenders you are free to add only at the time of ordering.

Warranty Region: Each Blendtec blender carries the warranty in the region sold only by the selling and appointed distributor. American purchased blenders will void warranty in India. Warranty of Blendtec is at Works. The buyer requires to make available the machine at Source or as informed by seller. On site service is not available. The seller may offer buyer a collect and drop service for a fee.

The order may be cancelled prior to shipment by the seller. The money will be refunded only within 48 hours from pay-channel. Cancellation is not available once the funds are remitted to seller’s bank. The order may be cancelled at buyer’s behest if the goods are not available to ship in the prescribed period. The seller will contact the buyer in this case and advise option of cancellation or a back order. The cancellation will not hold good once customer has accepted a back order.

In case the machine was damaged on way, it will be replaced by seller in new condition through change of damaged part. In case this is not possible, seller will either dispatch a new machine or allow cancellation with refund in complete.

Where the customer desires to return an unopened machine package, within 30 days of order, a refund may be applied for after a deduction of cost of shipment to and fro, and a 10% restocking fee of order value. The refund will be processed and issued within 30 days and no later than 60 days.

Understanding Warranty

Jars Warranty
  • Time and Term: Each jar has set time term of warranty such as 1, and 2 years.
  • Description: Jar is under warranty of manufacturing defect when used in the right manner and proper daily maintenance. Deviation from this will shorten and damage the jar, since it takes the entire brunt of the motor and ingredients. The jar has gear with ball bearings with seal that is rotating at high speeds.
  • Manufacturing Defect: Is if you operate a new jar, and find an error in manufacture such as blade movement hardening, breaking, or going free. If you notice the jar’s structure crack under use of ice and frozen products, or other response as high noise, knocking sounds. Such may be visible more so in the immediate and first few months.
  • Not a Manufacturing Defect: Where there is a blade gear damaged resulting in leaking of oil, water, and ultimately blade movement restriction in review of lack of maintenance and daily cleaning.
  • Review of Warranty: We review cleanliness of the jar body, and status of the seal/gasket under the jar. An eroded seal may represent jars kept in water for longer than normal. We look at dimples and structural modification that represents hard blows, and drive gear that may be damaged due to jars getting removed and placed when rotation hasnt stopped. An unclean jar with dense residue on its body, blade represents lack of cleaning resultant in jar failure. Unclean jar may affect structure by making the body brittle, causing crack or damage. If there is a warranty seal on the jar, its removal or damage will cause voiding of warranty.
  • Understand Cleaning and Maintenance: Watch Video
  • Replacement of Jar: The manufacturer defect jar is changed under one condition that it is maintained well, that our review finds now flaws in use, and despite its factory condition, it has failed. If the jar turns milky, gets scratches, and the blade over time creates slightly more the sound, it is okay. That is not abuse.

Correct Use and Maintenance

The product must be used as prescribed in use, style and volume. The maintenance is critical to warranty, wear and tear and its life. Badly used or maintained products will shorted to halve the running life. A review will be made in such conditions and provided to the buyer. It is strongly advised the buyer must take a user orientation from our Service Center +91 11 41550060 Ext 203 and by Email “servicedesk@mbh.org”, as well as read carefully the user manual with the blender.

Please be specially careful with jar use and maintenance schedule which is available from service center, and at youtube video list.

International Orders on Collect

Where the buyer is ordering from outside of India, Sales Tax will be waived off and blender readied for shipment. The buyer will provide seller with their courier account number to ship to them, or collect via agency from the Source. The cost of Insurance is additional and not included in the order. Seller will assist in documentation for exports. International Orders will not have the local lead times as suggested, but a readiness date will be informed after the order which is also shown per product. The order will not be held for cancellation on readiness delay due to conditions out of seller’s control. All orders are subject to import and availability. These orders shall be Re-Export category and separate from local supplies.

Product Specifications in Electricals

All blenders sold by the seller are of 220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph in general or as prescribed on the product page. Use of Blendtec 110V machines using convertor is fraught with danger and damage. Do not try this. Such an action violates warranty immediately. Each

Usage Undertaking License

The buyer confirm and agrees to use the blender as prescribed. The license of sale is for the product as is. The blender and products shall not be changed and modified, or their labels and images removes or specially printed on them and used publicly. The purchase agreement shall be violated on modification of the blender and accessories constituting a return of machine. No refund will be offered. The seller and Blendtec may separately consider legal action for buyers that violate this license to use under civil court to recover damage of goodwill, brand name, and claim of innovation as well as lost sales. Seller will immediately remove all machines from public view and use that are modified without consent.

Governance of this Order

The transaction on this site shall be governed under the statues and laws of Delhi State Jurisdiction, Republic of India.

Seller Information

AgniSwan INV Pvt Ltd
125C G.F. East Ave. Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 49
CIN: U55201DL2008PTC180998

Director: Vickram Mederata
Official Email: blendtec@blendtec.in, studio@bargears.com

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