Jar Care and Maintenance

Your Blendtec Jar takes the entire blunt of 1800 Watt power from below and frozen fruits and ice cubes inside minute after minute. It is critical to assure the jar is cared for as listed, without which it will wear out quickly and need replacement.

Jar Care Video

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Pre-Installation Checklist

Power Supply

  1. Surge Protector. Assure a surge free power using surge protector before the blender. Surge can burn electronics.
  2. Stabilized Supply. Required without fluctuations. Use a stabilizer if supply is erratic or not trustworthy.
  3. Exclusive Point and Line. Do not install Blender on multi plug with other products, or lose connection. It will burn the card.
  4. Safety of MCB Switch. The blender line must end with an exclusive MCB of 10 Amp for safety.
  5. Keep Dry. Do not keep blender in a water place where water may fall on its electrical cort and switch.

Ambient at Installation

  1. Air Circulation Around. The motors heat up and have vents in the blender. Constant heating may overload the machine and switch off. Keep the area cool and do keep space around blender to breathe.
  2. In-Counter Vent. If machine is installed in-counter, do not seal with block door. Use vents for fresh air circulation and avoid heating up.
  3. Not Under the Sun and Rain. Do not run the machine directly under sun light. Avoid a situation of machine heating up or getting wet.


  1. Be Insulated. Never operate an electrical machine while being grounded. Always insulate your feet from ground with shoes or sandals.
  2. Only Food and Beverage. Do not blend anything other than what the blender is meant for. It will void warranty and hurt you potentially.
  3. Do not place hand inside a jar on top of the blender. Always remove the jar to access its container.
  4. Never remove jar from running blender, or place back under the motor has completely stopped. This will malfunction the blender and certainly damage the jar needing early replacement.

Launching the Blender.

When switching blender for the first time, make sure:

  1. The Jar is Not fitted On blender.
  2. Power Switch of blender is off.
  3. Plug in the main cord and power.
  4. Switch ON from power point.
  5. Now switch On blender power (without the jar).
  6. Run test cycles for each button.
  7. Test launch successful.
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Support Call Login Advisory

  • Fill up the form and submit to log your compaint.
  • What do we require along with compaint?
    • Blender’s or Jar’s Serial Number (it is under the machine).
    • Invoice Number and date of purchase. If you dont have the date of purchase, the machine may be out of warranty where its serial number cannot be tracked.
    • You may request for a duplicate invoice by paying a fee of Rs. 550.00
    • Provide the detail on the machine. About the problem faced. Make a video and email to support@bargears.com (after you receive the ticket, in reply all).
  • Packing your machine and sending to our outlet/ service center.
    • Just send us the base of the machine. No jar unless problem is with the jar.
    • Connoisseur 825 removes its entire top with jar and sound cover with the steel housing. To pull out, remove the base plastic cover so that the cord can be easily pulled out. Pull the top with sound encloure and motor. Now remove the motor with cord from sound enclosure. Send us just this motor base well packed in a cardboard box with support filler all around it as news papers, bubble wrap tightly packed.
    • The Stealth will need to be sent with its fitted base. Remote the sound enclosure.
    • EZ and Chef base only. Remove jar. Send with fitted cord.
  • Where to send:
    • STUDIOBAR at 125C/GF Shahpur Jat, Opp Asian Village, New Delhi 110049. Phone: 011 41006620/30. Contact: Mangal Rawat. Along with material send the Case ID Number, you will get in your email as ticket.
  • How to Send:
    • Send machine Only when it is instructed to in Ticket. Machines sent without case ID and instruction are not accepted and returned back to courier.
    • Warranty machines are send free of charge.
    • Machines out of warranty require an advance fee of Rs. 1500 as estimation fee. This must be paid out first to:
      Benneta Bar Gears Pvt Limited
      A/c no.- 166100925001
      RTGS/IFSC CODE- HSBC0110002 (Local)
      SWIFT: HSBCINBBDEL (International)
      HSBC Bank
      Ashoka Estate, Barakhamba Road,
      Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
    • Once completed, provide receipt of payment. Wait for instruction that will come in few hours.
    • Send your machine as per info here.
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