1. The Square Jar.

    Blendtec carries the patented World’s First Square jar with Winglet blade, and the Wildside jar with 4″ winglet blade. While other blender’s jars are either round or distorted to meet close to square design. Yet without square jar, it doesnt do the miracle. Square Jars also help us “Stack Multijars” while other blenders multiple jars take an entire counterspace where more important ingredients could be stored.
  1. The Winglet 4″ Blunt Blade with Wide Surface.

    Blending, food ingredients are proven best done when more power, surface and blunt force is used. In turn it churns much more volume faster. More surface, more volume. The winglet creates a vortex of whirlpool that pulls ingredients on top into the blade while blended ingredients at bottom rise to the top. This is how Blendtec’s flat, wide and winglet blade, like a hammer blends ingredients twice to three times faster in lesser time than other blenders.
  2. The powerful 18amp 3.8PHP Motor crafted in America.

    How does a motor help speed up blending time? Along it cannot, but the Square Jar, and Winglet Wide Blade needs serious muscle to deliver that potency as promised. When the blades are sharp they keep in making incisions but they also take a lot of time to blend. The blunt blade has to break ingredients down by crushing them which needs a very powerful motor. Which is why Blendtec’s 18 amp 3.8PHP motor empowers the system to do the magic.
  3. Variable Cycles that understand How to Blend best.

    A majority of blender have limited intelligence function, some would run at standard low or high speed and expect the user to use their experience for each drink. Higher range would simply start at low speed on a timer and almost in seconds reach its highest speed then run for one minute. A) One minute is lost time when same blend finishes in 20 seconds, and B) The blender expects ingredients to suit themlseves with the blender rather than opposite. Blendtec variable time and cycle is made to suit the blender with the ingredients, because they wont change and have food characteristics. The blender should move accordingly. Your Blendtec machine carries within itself a host of cycles made to go with a variety of blends, such as milk shake, thick shake, granita, smoothie with ice, whole juice, soups. Its press and forget. Then the cycle starts, increases, decreases, increases, higher, lower and stops. Or you create your own cycle online and add to your blender.
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