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A lifetime inventor and entrepreneur, Tom Dickson was innovating long before he built his first blender. Whether rigging his doorbell to open the front gate or outfitting go-karts with engines that took them past 80 mph, Tom’s passion for tinkering and innovating goes all the way back to his childhood.

Fun fact

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All the Difference

At Blendtec, one of the things that keeps us inspired is seeing how our products make a difference in others’ lives. Hearing the stories of tube-fed babies, people with health issues or those with weight-loss goals encourages us to continually work hard.

Pioneering Tomorrow’s Kitchen

We’re not content to ride on our past innovations. At this very moment we’re designing and engineering the next generation of kitchen technology.

Why choose us

Benneta introduced Blendtec to India in 2004 and our annual order for the first was 2 machines. This raised to a double digit in next year, while today people ordering for their business and homes is in hundreds. There are over 2000+ Blendtec blenders and many more accessories as jars, and rinsers.

We stand by Blendtec and intend to spread the good work and this passion to every home and business that believes in goodness, health, and innovation.

Why Blendtec? 5 Reasons

Own Your Passion

You lived too long without owning good health and
mouth watering blends in your life.
Today, let’s close that chapter.

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