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Quick Readiness of Blend sets the Blendtec apart from every other high speed, powerful motor, copies and competition in the world. Quick readiness results in not only more nutritious product, but also lower energy bills and much higher sales volume per hour for cafe and smoothie shops.

Now you can order your favourite Blendtec Blender and Accessories on EMI till 24 months plan and own your dream blender with no upfront payment at checkout.

Test Run Blendtec

A great way to know a Blendtec is through a presentation at our facility. A place where you can see all the machines, their specialization, performance, output, and potential. Come with your mind open to be wowed with all the preparations you never saw possible before.

Why Blendtec over other Blenders | Our 3 USP


Because you want to keep 100% nutrients not 10%.

Blending over 90 seconds, kills 90% nutrients. We blend in 30 seconds.

100% More Powerful Blender than Common and 30% than nearest Competition. With more grinding and pulverizing power, the recipes break down into finest microns, leading to the finest quality of drinks. Not with other blenders. Blendtec helps release and ‘keep’ 100% nutrient value by finishing each cycle within 25-45 seconds.

Motor PHP+

Because you like more time selling and less blending.

1600 Smoothies a Day, 4 Blenders, Blendtec – No Problem.

If you are in blending business and it becomes a significant revenue percentage, using a Non-Blendtec machine is  spending more time blending and less time selling. With Blendtec your sales immediately jump and it shows. Try it, we’ll set a free machine for your best selling store.

Ordered in India Over

Because you you want to prepare much more recipes.

Prefer Van Gogh of Culinary? (Hint: Your customers do.)

While other blenders lay still at one or two styles of Jars, Blendtec offers Fourside, Wildside, Rebel, Twister, and the New Frothing Jar. Together they cover recipes beyond imagination of the next competitor and out classing the regular blender. Try it with the Blendtec Recipe online to start the food lab.

Try Blendtec for 30 Days Before Your Buy


To the uninitiated, buying a Blendtec ‘Commercial’ may be an unknown expense. You may already be using another brand, but want to experience if your sales could improve just by changing to Blendtec. We are so confident, we are offering you a Free 30 Day trial, knowing you’ll never want to let it go.

Expect from 25% to 50% order turnover increase by changing to Blendtec with the same footfall you carry now. To try email

Blendtec Support by Benneta AIPL is simply legendary. We beat all competition effortlessly. The chief problem when you want to repair or service a machine is reaching out to the right person (access). With us, just send one mail to or raise your ticket online.

Where customers have come to expect only a timely support, our services are beyond to detailed machine servicing inside that increases your Blendtec’s life from 10+ to 20+ years including deep cleaning, anti-rust, lubrication and changeover of used parts. Talk to us in getting your own Blendtec Serviced Today. Result, more power, noise reduction and vibration reduction, and saving the jars from damage.

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Matthew Kenny Culinary Choose Blendtec.

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Blendtec, its a way of life.

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Twister Jar Kit

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