Will blending a green smoothie destroy its nutritional value? Does blending destroy nutrients?

Before this information takes a life of its own, we believe it must be addressed to its complete reality. The question does blending destroy nutrients is turning into a dangerous half information when this sword swings both sides. I.e. blending can release 100% nutrients that you otherwise may not get by just chewing, and if you blend excessively you could certainly oxidize all nutrients to make them disappear.

When Doctor Brian Clement, refers to blending destroys nutrients he refers to the timeline of 1-1/2 to 2 minutes which is the time it takes to zero the nutritional value.

Blendtec Blenders Retain the Nutritional Value and Maximize them, while Common Highspeed Blenders only help to Destroy the Nutrition in your Food ingredients

Nearly all blends done in a Blendtec blender finishes within 25 to 45 seconds. Here Blending is done as a science not just as power show. Big power is only one facet of the science, the others are more importantly:

  1. Jar Design
  2. Blade Design
  3. Intelligent Variable Cycle (&)
  4. Motor Power (HP/ Watt)

The Process of Quick Blending (within 45 seconds)

  • A wide bottom jar that lets more ingredients in touch with the blade to convert ingredients faster into a beverage.
  • The wide blade with blunt edge where more surface of blade passes through ingredients to crush and pulverize them faster.
  • The variable cycle that just doesnt start and low to high, instead creates a high/low pulse letting ingredients keep falling into the bottom from the top to convert.
  • The powerful 3.8PHP with 1500 to 1895 watt that assures higher speeds and toughest ingredients blend without a halt or freeze.

Don’t be taken in by cheap solutions.

While many blenders will tout of high speed and equivalent features as a Blendtec, the true test is in taking a 300 ml food ingredient to make it into a glass of pure smooth drink. Only Blendtec that blends in less than half the time of regular / common blenders keeps your drinks nutritional value to its highest absorption and the real goal or giving your good health and wellbeing.

Check out your Blendtec Model

All the Blendtec Models offer quickest and smoothest blends from a smoothie in 30 seconds to a whole juice within 45 to 60 seconds. All that pure nutrition for your good health.

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